The RV
Type Vehicle

Location Anywhere
Inhabitants Oliver Snider

Stanley Snider

Brandon Hawkes

Margaret Hawkes

Gabriel Davenport

Isabella Espinoza

Franko O' Brien

Elliot Bates

Mary Preston

Sam Tanner

The RV was the home of the kids and, to a degree, their parents in Season One. A family heirloom of the Sniders children, it was heavily modified and of particular sentimental value to Stan until its destruction in early Season Two.

History Edit

The RV was the home of Chuck and Petra Snider. As hunters, they travelled the United States, hunting monsters and saving innocent people. Their sons, Ollie and Stan, never knew another home. 

The RV was heavily modified for purpose with the base structure being largely hollowed out for inconspicuous storage of the family's less legal equipment.

After the death of Chuck, the Snider children formed an extra layer of attachment to the RV, viewing it as one of the last things their father left to them, and Petra later opened it up as a sort of long-term training camp for the children of other hunters.

Season One Edit

The RV is present in all season one episodes, featuring heavily in each. After the group splits up in "Parental Supervision Required", Ollie and Stan entrust the RV to Sam while they search for Brandon

Destruction Edit

In "Get In, Loser. We're Going Hunting", the RV is destroyed after several of the kids are arrested, and an amnesiac Brandon suggests that the police search it for illegal weaponry and occult objects, insinuating the presence of false walls. The comprehensive police search, paired with the damage that occurred when Danii used telekineses to throw Ollie into the side of it rendered the vehicle unusable.

Stan and Franko later salvage the usable parts of the RV to build a new one