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Season One functioned mainly as set up for the over-arching story in Season Two, with the first two episodes focusing on the kids hunting the 'monster of the week' Chupacabras. The third episode focused on set up for the later story, introducing Crowley to the main cast and Brandon beginning to learn about the origin of his premonitions. Episode 4 focused on two separate plotlines, the main group hunting a town populated by nazi-supremacist werewolves while Bran dealt with the aftermath of a premonition and leaving the group.

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S01 E00 - "Unaired Pilot": The parents with the addition of Ollie and Brandon travel to Sandersville, Georgia to track down a monster who has been the cause of dozens of disappearances. When they reach the Golden State Hotel, they realize that the monsters were not what they expected, and there may be more to the story than they thought.

S01 E01 - "Pilot"Maggie receives a phone call from an acquaintance of Mal's, and the kids travel to Abbott, Texas to deal with increasingly aggressive chupacabras.

S01 E02 - "Lying On The Cold Hard Ground": The continuation of "Pilot", the kids discover that the chupacabras have been learning from their own methods and that getting creative may be their only chance to survive.

S01 E03 - "Poor Life Choices": The Sniders and Bran visit a haunted house as part of a pit-stop, and Bran becomes acquainted with the King of the Crossroads.

S01 E04 - "Parental Supervision Required": A visit to Cairo, West Virginia goes south for the kids when they discover that the entire population of the town are werewolves with a less-than-savoury view of outsiders.

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S01 E02.5 - "On The Third Day"

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Season One Trailer