Season 01, Episode 01

Directed by G.O.D
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S01 E00 - "Unaired Pilot" S01 E02 - "Lying On The Cold Hard Ground"
 Maggie receives a phone call from an acquaintance of Mal's, and the kids travel to Abbott, Texas to deal with increasingly aggressive chupacabras.

Plot Edit

The kids have stopped in a McDonalds for food when Mary takes a liking to a nearby man in a paramedic's uniform. When they've finished their food, the group return to the RV. Maggie receives a phone call from an acquaintance of Mal's, asking them to help him with a chupacabra infestation in Abbott, Texas. The group agree, heading for Abbott and having typical family-like arguments and teasing Ollie's fear of snakes along the way. They eventually reach Abbott, having gone the wrong way for a substantial amount of time.

They reach George's farmhouse in Abbott and discover that he's been attacked by chupacabras. They decide that it's unusual behaviour, as chupacabras usually only attack and kill goats. The kids begin preparing for nightfall, and Mary takes Elliot into town. The two head to the local sheriff's office, where they convince the sheriff that they were FBI Agents. They receive some guns from the sheriff and return to the farmhouse. After they return, Ollie, Brandon and Stan take the RV into town to do some investigation into any unusual occurrences. 

The kids at the farmhouse start building traps in the surrounding forest in order the capture and kill the chupacabras, and as night falls, the chupacabras begin to appear in the woods. 

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  • George - Michael Rooker
  • The Sheriff - Linden Ashby

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