In "The Limit Does Not Exist", Ollie and Bran visit Singer Salvage Yard for what they know will be the final time. Ollie sneaks onto the RV while he waits for Bran to bring Stan and Elliot out to talk to him. He leaves Bran's hardrives on the counter, including all of Bran's research on every monster they have ever come across, and many they haven't. He hides Bran's journal with the rest of Bran's things that the others have moved onto the RV, knowing that no-one will find it until after they're dead. 

Knowing that they will never see the rest of the kids, and not intending to get out of Alma alive, the two each leave a note to people on the RV for them to read after their deaths.

Ollie's Note Edit


Ollie's Note To The RV

"Look, I know my leaving may seem selfish of self-righteous at least, and thats probably true. Just know I still love you guys.

Stan, you're in charge now and do yourself proud, you couldn't do any better by me.

Elliot remember everyone is there to help and take care of you, but please stop bringing wild animals onto the RV.

Gabe you're a pretty solid guy, sorry for all the shit I've given you. Make sure no on does anything too stupid

Maggie I'm sorry for any stress I've caused you, but I did respect you for what you did for everyone.

Mary, I'm sorry, don't let yourself fall off the wagon because off me

Franko you're a solid man of action but try to think ahead some more

Sam I trust you to keep everyone in one piece, just look after yourself as well

Love you,

Ollie Snider" 

Bran's Note Edit


Bran's Note To The RV

"This whole note thing was Ollie's idea, and honestly,  I don't know what to say in this. It's not exactly a secret that I didn't want to make it out of Alma alive. I'm not even gonna try to deny that.

I just wasn't feeling life in the end.

Maggie, I know you're blaming yourself for this, and I'm gonna ask you to try to stop. You're worth far more than that, and you are in no way to blame for anything that happened. I was always going to make my own stupidly stubborn decisions, and they were always going to lead me here. Just... Don't do anything stupid, okay? The dead should stay dead, and it's not time for you to join us just yet.

Stan, it's on you now. Purple Eyes is dead, the Apocalypse has fucked off. It's on you to keep everyone on the right track. Look after each other.

Elliot, I'm sorry. I don't know what more I can say, but you're my brother and I love you. Remember that.

You guys are gonna be alright. All of you. Go back on stupid chupracabra hunts. Go to college. Have lives. Just don't turn away from each other again."