Margaret Hawkes
Name Margaret Hawkes
Alias/Nicknames/Also Known By Maggie

Mags (By Bran only)

Maggie Thatcher

Place of Birth Sheffield, England
Age 21
Date of Birth 03/04/86
Species Human
Occupation Hunter

Status Alive
Height 5'7
Family Brandon Hawkes (Brother)

Malcolm Hawkes (Father, deceased)

Nina Hawkes (Mother, deceased)

David Harker (Paternal Uncle)

Demon Baby (Nephew, deceased)

Jonathan Harker (Paternal Ancestor, deceased)

Wilhelmina Harker (Paternal Ancestor, deceased)

First Seen S01 E01 - "Pilot"
Last Seen S03 E04 - "Danii Evans' Precious Little Life"
Actor Melissa George

"This is why I'm alive - I'm here to look after you. That was my job for years and years. And I am so, so sorry."

– Maggie to Brandon Hawkes, S02 E07 - "The Limit Does Not Exist"

Margaret "Maggie" Hawkes is the daughter of Malcolm Hawkes, the vampire hunter who eradicated the vampire population in the British Isles. She has been hunting with her brother Brandon and a group of other teenagers since they moved to America when she was thirteen.

Maggie never fully connected with the other teenagers on the RV, her overbearing protectiveness over Bran and anti-social tendencies preventing her from forming any sort of real relationship with them. Although she loves them dearly and still considers them to be family.

History Edit

Early Life Edit

Maggie was born on the 3rd April 1986 to Malcolm and Nina Wyndham and Bran was born two years later. The Hawkes' had what amounted to a perfect life up until Maggie was thirteen and a vampire murdered Nina. The vampire killed her in revenge for his nest which Mal wiped out years previously. Mal arrived just in time to save the children by driving the creature off, but Nina died on the way to the hospital. Mal, driven by grief, took the children off the grid and devoted his life to finding and killing the vampire who murdered his wife, which he succeeded in doing a month after her death. He then proceeded to swear vengeance on all vampires. When he managed to eradicate them from the British Isles, he smuggled the siblings and himself into America, unable to give up his vengeance crusade.

On January 3rd, 2002, Maggie and the boys met the Snider family in Cleveland, Ohio on a vampire hunt. After completing the hunt, Mal and Petra decided to travel together in the RV. In the beginning, Maggie got along very well with the Snider children, Ollie and Stan, against all odds. She felt immense gratitude towards them after they got Bran speaking again, which he hadn't done since their mother's death. That budding friendship came to a halt when they began getting Bran into trouble. Maggie grew more and more frustrated at her inability to keep him safe and the fact the Twins were getting in the way of that.

They were later joined by Bel Espinoza, her father Tony, Gabe Davenport, and his mother Cassie. Mary Preston and her father, Dusty joined afterwards. The RV crew picked up Elliot Bates and Franko O' Brien a couple of years later. 

During their years in America, Bran and Mal's relationship became increasingly strained which put pressure on Maggie to try and keep the last remaining members of her family together. Maggie had taken to the hunting lifestyle much better than Bran had, understanding where Mal's drive for revenge had come from and greatly respecting his decision to teach his children to hunt. This pressure only got worse when, in 2004, Bran started getting visions that left him incapacitated for several hours afterwards, frightening Maggie greatly.

Season One Edit

Maggie didn't appear in the "Unaired Pilot" as it featured one of the parent's hunts that Bran and Ollie accidentally ended up on.

"Pilot" begins with Bran complaining about the fact they stopped in McDonald's to eat, the fact he's a vegetarian, and the fact that McDonalds tea is undrinkable. Maggie was getting increasingly annoyed at him. The parents had gone on their own hunt and had abandoned the kids. Maggie, being the eldest, was left in charge to the complaints of everyone. After a brief stop at Starbuck's Maggie got a phone call from George, one of Mal's contacts, about an infestation of Chupacabras. The kids decide to take on the hunt by themselves and head to the coordinates given to them by George. Maggie spends the beginning of the trip to Abbot, Texas getting frustrated with Bran, who was hiding the fact that he was smoking in the back of the RV with Ollie and Stan. The kids then realised that Mary had brought another person onto the RV, a paramedic by the name of Sam Tanner. After travelling in the wrong direction for a few hours after Stan had taken a wrong turn, they eventually end up on George's farm to find him very injured by one of the Chupacabras. Sam patches him up while the others interrogate him on as much of the situation as he knows. Eventually, they send him and Sam to a hotel for a few days while they set up base in his farmhouse. Bran, Ollie, and Stan head into town while Maggie and the rest of the remaining kids prepare to take on the Chupacabras in that area of the town. They did so by setting up different types of traps in the surrounding area such as tripwires, and various bombs. During this time, Maggie gets a call from Stan telling her that Bran's been shot but should be okay as Ollie and Sam patched him up. Maggie reacts poorly to this. Although she figures Stan is probably just winding her up, it wouldn't be the first time Bran had gotten severely injured while out with the Sniders. So this worries her, especially when she calls Bran on his phone and he refuses to answer.

In "Lying on the Cold Hard Ground", Maggie enters when Bran, the Sniders, and Sam arrive back at the farmhouse. They destroyed a bomb that was placed in the middle of the road and then barely avoided a collision with Franko and Bel. Maggie, hearing the commotion outside and figuring that Bran was back, leaves the house in a fury, wanting to know what had happened. She follows them as Bran and the Sniders take off into the forest to avoid her. She loses them when they climb a tree without her noticing. Stan then proceeds to call her, alarming her again when he tells her that they lost Bran in the woods. Maggie then finds them up the tree, and they leap down to take off again. Unfortunately, all three of them end up standing on armed landmines, and this is when they realise that the Chupacabras had been watching and learning from them as they placed the traps around the area. Maggie, in an attempt to help them, ends up just swapping places with Ollie on his landmine, which Franko and Gabe free her from when they arrive and disarm the bomb. While this has been happening, they have been surrounded by Chupacabras leading to a fight in the woods. The battle ends when Franko lures them out of the forest with Taylor Swift and massacres them all with a combine harvester. Bran then gets another vision prompting the group to go to a cave on the other side of town. Bran and the Sniders catch the rest of the kids up on what happened when they went into town to find out some more information. Maggie leads the group, bar an injured Ollie and a vision incapacitated Bran, into the cave. They burn out the cave killing the last of the Chupacabras.

In the mini-episode "On The Third Day", the entire group set up base in Bobby's Safe House in Wichita Falls. Maggie attempts, in vain, to prevent Bran drinking and overdosing his way through the pain of his injured shoulder on top of supervising the rest of the group while they drink their way through Bobby's alcohol stash. Maggie didn't appear in the next half of the episode having gone on a supply run.

In "Poor Life Choices", Maggie takes to Bran's relationship with Bel quite badly thinking it's an awful idea, and that Bel has crossed too many lines for her to be entirely happy about it. Then Bel let slip that the Sniders were the ones who caused Bran's shoulder injury, leading to a massive argument between Maggie, Bel, the Sniders, and Bran. Maggie had previously been convinced that it was the Chupacabras who shot Bran. Franko then got involved in the argument and kept drawing Maggie's anger on himself. Maggie managed to patch things up with Stan afterwards during a conversation about Nina. Maggie explained what her family went through when her mother died; how Mal's neglect meant it was Maggie's responsibility to look after Bran and make sure he's safe and happy. She tells him that her brother is where she now places her life's worth and that there's no point to it without Bran. Stan promises her that he will keep her updated and never lie to her again about Bran's physical state. Franko then proceeded to text Bran threats, while pretending to be Bel's father Tony, eventually culminating in a crossroad's demon by the name of Crowley appearing on the RV. After introducing himself as the King of Hell he offers to take Bran away, and Bran agrees, terrifying Maggie. The group decides to head back to Bobby's Safe House and see what information he has on demons and how they can find Bran again. While they're in Bobby's Stan gets a call from Bran, letting him know that he's back and safe. Stan, against Bran's wishes, lets Maggie know he's back and that the Sniders have gone to get him. When they return all the fear, anger, and a general overload of emotion erupt from Maggie, and she punches Bran in the face for scaring her as much as he did by running off with Crowley.

"Parental Supervision Required" begins with Mal sending Maggie coordinates that lead them to Cairo, West Virginia. Bran calls Mal for more information on the hunt and lets the rest of the group know that they will be dealing with werewolves. He then has a premonition and tells the group that he got nothing helpful from the vision and that it is just the standard of shadowed shapes of claws, teeth, and blood. When the RV crew reach Cairo, they discover that the town was populated entirely by werewolves belonging to a Nazi-supremacist group, the ARDF. Maggie remains on the RV with Bran, Ollie, Bel and Sam. Sam then proceeds to get a PTSD flashback to his time in Falluja, Iraq as a combat medic. Telling Ollie and Maggie that he heard shells coming, Maggie and Ollie began taking their supplies, including the Napalm, off the RV before Ollie noticed that nothing was happening. This lead to a fight between Ollie, Maggie and Sam. Once Sam is subdued Maggie sees that Bran is missing and finds a note he left telling them that he's leaving and can't explain why but it's not the werewolves. Maggie then calls Mal, begging him to abandon the hunt he's on and to find them because Bran was missing, and she needed him. She hangs up on him in a fury when he tells her that he'll be along when he can, but the vampire nest he's hunting has to be eradicated first. Maggie then leaves the rest of the group to deal with the ARDF while she and Bel attempt to follow Bran. They are on the right trail until they come to a bridge that has been blocked off and the police officer stationed there gives them a diversion they can take. The two girls then take the diversion until they realise they aren't catching up to Bran. Maggie then decides to call a crossroads demon on the logic that the last time Bran disappeared he was with Crowley and that Crowley might be able to find him. After making Bel wait by the car, Maggie summons a demon and makes him call Crowley to speak to her instead. Crowley tells her that he has no idea where Bran is, but he knows that Bran will be in St. Louis in six hours. Maggie and Bel take off in that direction as the season ends.  

Between Season One & Two Edit

In the six months between Season One & Two, the RV crew split up. Maggie and Bel hunted for a while in the beginning, but Maggie grew frustrated with Bel wanting to go on hunts that didn't focus on finding Bran, so they split. Maggie then hunted alone for the next four months, calling the Sniders occasionally to see if they had any updates but never meeting up with any of the RV crew. She didn't speak to Mal at all during those six months.

Season Two Edit

In "Get in Loser, We're going Hunting" Maggie gets a call from Stan letting her know that they have finally found Bran through a Youtube video where he kills a cashier in a McDonald's. She, Ollie, and Stan arrive at the McDonald's at roughly the same time and are able to locate Bran in a Starbucks not too far away. However, they discover that Bran has lost his memories, doesn't recognise any of them at all, and is completely against leaving with them. They eventually get him to the RV, but gets irate and tries to leave again when he overhears Sam talking about restraining him, causing Ollie to slam the brakes on the RV. This causes Maggie to lose her footing and slam her head on the table in the RV losing consciousness. She wakes up in a hospital not knowing where any of the others are and Mal walks in. He spends some time trying to talk to her and get her to trust him, but she refuses to comply, too angry about the way he had been acting to want anything to do with him. Eventually he leaves and, out of Maggie's sight, reveals himself not to be Mal at all but Crowley instead. Once the others had been rescued from police custody, Maggie met back up with them and they all headed back to Bobby's House. Maggie confronts Bran about why he left when she hears him trashing Bobby's office. He gives her as little has possible only telling her that it was because of a vision before shutting down completely. The episode ends with the kids not otherwise occupied deciding to go to Denver to fetch Gabe from University.

In "Boo, You Whore" Maggie went with Stan to fetch Gabe from University trying to be as low-key as possible about the matter due to the appearance of the Jones'. They succeed and when they meet back up with the others, she meets Amelia and hears that she's pregnant. Maggie, wanting to find out as much as possible, talks to Amelia and tries to get her to take a pregnancy test and consider an abortion. Amelia breaks down and tells Maggie that the Purple-Eyed Demon came to her house and threatened to kill her family if she didn't get Bran to go to Alma. She also tells her that ghouls would be waiting for them in Alma. The crew decide to head to Alma despite the risk, to see what information they can gather.

In the mini-episode "Explain How You Forgot to Invite Us To Your Party", Maggie has a massive argument with Amelia about Bran and the way Amelia has become obsessed with him. Maggie, Stan, Bran, and Mary then have a Frat party in the back of the Tour Bus. They get as drunk as possible as a way to forget their problems and how badly their lives and relationships have fractured.

The next episode, "She Doesn't Even Live Here", sees Maggie suffering greatly from the hangover from the previous night because she is very unused to alcohol. She attended Bran's family meeting where he lets everybody know everything he does about the situation with the Purple-Eyed Demon. Later, Maggie goes to scout out Alma with Ollie and Stan, which makes them absent for Amelia giving birth to her baby that had been rapidly growing inside her. Just after the three enter Alma, Maggie gets a phone call from the phone number 666. Bran, who was on the other end of the line, tells her that she and the Sniders need to get out of Alma immediately because the Apocalypse would be starting there any minute. Just then and mass of demons and ghosts rise into the sky above the town and the three kids leg it out of there. They arrive at the Tour Bus just in time to witness Bran killing the demon baby and emptying a clip into a dying Amelia's head.

In "You Just Can't Ask People Why They're Crazy" Maggie is in the Asylum with the other kids with a fake set of memories. Maggie is in there for a severe case of paranoia and neurosis leading her to be incredibly brash and aggressive, especially with Nurse Barnes. This angry outlook prevents her from properly connecting with the other patients so she doesn't interact with anyone. During group sessions, Maggie is constantly bringing up Nurse Barnes' behaviour and how unacceptable it is. The nurse continually tries to sedate her and eventually suggests lobotomizing her and a few of the other kids. This forces the kids to cultivate a plan to attempt to get rid of her. Maggie is in full agreement with Stan when he suggests just killing her outright. Nurse Barnes enters the Rec Room with Bubba and Cletus and the three reveal themselves to be demons. Maggie joins in the fight that breaks out and gets a knock on the head which causes her to regain her memories. When the demons are dealt with, the kids in the Rec Room go to the main office. When there they discover that Purple-Eyes wasn't the person in charge, instead it was a Trickster by the name of Coyote. Coyote eventually just sends the group back to the real world where they wake up on a cleaned Tour Bus.

Once the group are back in Bobby's in the next episode, "He Ruins People's Lives", Bran tells the group that he's leaving them again and that he will keep in contact. This horrifies Maggie as she can't believe that Bran is, once again, going off on his own. Eventually she relents, telling Bran that it's not her place to let him do anything and that she has to grow up and start respecting his own decisions. The two then reminisce on their happy memories together, few as they are. Maggie's next appearance in the episode is in the American 50's town with fake memories. Maggie spends the first while encouraging people to feed the ducks on the lake and arranging a trip to the beach. When Bran tells her that he has a migraine she takes him home and is shocked when he punches Mal in the face and then punches Maggie, trying to force her to remember the truth. Unfortunately, this doesn't work and until Maggie regains her memories she spends her time being comforted by her fake parents. She eventually regains her memories when the Sniders discover the cheat codes to the simulation, and gets sent to a Spa before begging to be let out and is instead sent to a war zone. She then proceeds to vent her frustration on everything that has been done to them by killing as many simulated people as possible with the gun on top of a tank. When Coyote sends them back to the real world, Maggie wakes up in Bobby's with the rest of the group bar Bran and the Sniders. When the group finds out about Ollie being possessed Maggie and the rest of them head in the direction he's in. During this time, Maggie talks to Bran about how he's feeling about everything that's happened. Bran completely opens up to her, and she feels closer to him then than she has done in a very long time. She also speaks to the demon who implies that Bran is being physically abused by Ollie in their relationship, and Bran is only able to partially appease her.

In "On Wednesdays, We Wear Red", Maggie and Franko plan on taking the Coon Shack from the north so that the others can take Demon possessed Stan and Ollie, a PTSD-afflicted Sam and the rest of the demons by surrounding them. When Maggie gets wind that there is something wrong with Bran and he isn't answering his phone, she tells Franko to cause a distraction in the Coon Shack using explosives. She gets Bran's position from Danii and abandons Franko to find him. She doesn't catch up with him before Crowley sends them back to Bobby's completely unharmed. Bran calls them to let them know about anti-possession tattoos which the entire group immediately get.

Maggie's greatest humiliation happens in "The Limit Does Not Exist", when Coyote leaks pictures of her in a cheerleaders outfit to the others phones and the more the others try to delete them the more appear in increasingly provocative clothing and postures. This drives Maggie to near hysterics when they realise that the pictures are appearing on every screen in the entire world. This only ends when Coyote gives them an option to end the pictures and Gabe chooses a Wet T-Shirt competition dousing Maggie in water several times. When the entire situation ends, Maggie catches Stan looking at her in a soaked t-shirt and shoots him with a salt round from a shotgun. She was going to go for Gabe for being the one to choose the Wet T-Shirt competition only to find that Bran got there before she did. After the dust had settled, Bran and Maggie had a conversation where Bran tells Maggie about his deal. She tries to reassure him that they'll be able to get him out of his deal and that there are still things to live for. That is when Bran tells her that he tried to kill himself and that he deserved to go to Hell. Maggie, unable to deal with this, spends the next couple of days holed up in her room. She does not know that Bran and Ollie had returned to say goodbye to Stan and Elliot, as Bran did not want to see her. When the RV crew find out that Danii's body is part of one of Mal's hunts the group, bar Bran and Ollie, head to Denver to meet up with Mal. Maggie had called him to try and stall his hunt, telling him that Danii was a friend of theirs and that she reminded her of Nina. Mal agreed to wait and let the crew handle the hunt. The crew were able to flush out and kill the vampires that were holed up in the sewers under Denver. Before exorcising the demon, they were also able to gain information about the Apocalypse and the fact it would happen on the Ides of March.

The season finale, "We Should Totally Just Stab Caesar" begins on the Ides. Franko and Elliot flew over the town raining down salt and napalm to salt and burn the earth and bodies to manage the ghosts. The rest of the group were in the RV taking care of supernatural creatures on the ground. Danii had previously sanctified one of the massive water containers and, before the other plans took place, blew it up, causing the holy water to flow over the town. During the onslaught, Danii was killed and Franko crashed the plane. When everything was done and the creatures were taken care of, Sam looked after the injured and the unharmed went to scope out the town and see what was left. They found Bran and Ollie's bodies alongside the body of the Purple-Eyed Demon. Maggie wanted to take Bran's body back to England and bury him with their mother, however, she was shouted down by the others. Instead, they buried the two a mile outside the town. They then created a mass grave with some of the bodies of the civilians and burying their own identification with them to make it look as though they were killed in the carnage. They then left Alma in the RV, not looking back.

The mini-episode, "Stop Trying To Make Family Happen", takes place three days after the events in "We Should Totally Just Stab Caesar", and Maggie hasn't really interacted with anyone since. She finds the note that Bran and Ollie left the group in the back of Bran's journal when she went through his things. She leaves the RV without telling anyone but leaves the journal open on the kitchen table. When the others realise Maggie had left, Franko called Mal and let him know that Bran was dead. Mal then called Maggie asking to know what happened, Maggie asked for his location and travelled three days to meet him. When she met up with him she told him that his son was dead and that it was Mal's fault for how he had treated Bran his entire life. She was desperately looking for any sign that he was grieving and that he had a shred of remorse or guilt for the way his children's lives had gone. During this conversation, Maggie behaviour was very erratic, going from angry emotional outbursts to a clinical calm. When she realised Mal wasn't giving her what she needed from him and that he was the only family left to her now that Bran was dead, she very calmly pointed her gun at him and shot him in between the eyes, having completely given up on the idea of family. Maggie didn't contact anyone on the RV after this, she just decided to travel and hunt alone as it was safer that way. While she was in Washington she got a call from Bobby telling her that he had a David Harker staying with him and that David was actually Mal's brother. She agrees to meet with him but is very cold and reserved, unwilling to open up to anyone. Despite her misgivings and original decision to stay away from him, she went to visit David a second time in his hotel room. Maggie is very unsure how to react to an uncle she previously had no idea about also realising that she had another family member left alive after deciding to give up on that idea. The only time she shows any form of life is when David reveals that Mal's name was originally Harker and that she was, in fact, descended from Jonathon and Mina Harker, slayers of Dracula. She takes the original journals, David telling her that they are her inheritance and that he had already read and memorised them all.

Season Three Edit

Maggie appears in the season premiere "Tell It To The Cleaning Lady On Monday" as a student in Sunnydale High School called Maggie Thatcher. She gets very startled by one of the new student's English accent. She spends the entirety of the first period befriending him and his boyfriend, Ollie. First period was held partly in the gym and partly in the biology classroom as Professor Noots was covering for the missing Biology teacher Ms. Anderson. She attempts to go to English but when she realises halfway through the class that they were being taught material not on the curriculum she left in favour of doing self study in the library. She is joined there by both Bran and Ollie and they remain there until lunchtime. At lunchtime she takes the two others to the Ice-cream shop down the road from the school. They take Elliot along with them and feed him espressos and ice-cream in revenge for Franko leaving Elliot with them. At the end of the school day they hear that the body of Mitch from the basketball team was found dead in a locker in the girl's locker room.

Maggie appears halfway through the second episode, "When Would It be Convenient For You To Die?" when she is shown hanging out at Bran's house watching Van Helsing with Bran and Ollie. Elliot then breaks into the house through the back door and starts making popcorn in the kitchen. The others invite him to watch the movie with them. The party is disturbed when Sam, Stan, Gabe, Franko, and Danii come to the door telling them that a serial killer is going to target them. All but Gabe and Danii have gotten their memories back but remember nothing of their High School AU lives. After some arguments at the door, Bran and Ollie call their respective parents in this universe telling them that there has been a home invasion and to send a team of private security to help them out. After Franko blows up the house with a tank, Maggie, Bran, Ollie decide to take Gabe and Elliot to the panic room in Ollie's house next door. When they arrive they see that the serial killer is waiting for them there. Ollie shoots him dead before they hear the ticking of a bomb. The group manage to get out of the panic room and shut the door behind them before the bomb goes off. The shrapnel of the explosion kills Gabe and Elliot and their bodies vanish. Very confused and disturbed, Maggie calls her parents who tell her to leave the town and to go and stay with her Aunt Millie in Boston. Maggie, Bran and Ollie take the next bus out of Sunnydale to Boston. As they leave the town limits the rest of the group, inside a tank and accompanying car, chase them. Maggie goes to tell the bus driver to speed up because the tank will shoot the bus. Ollie opens fire on the pursuing group and the tank blows the bus up, killing everyone on the bus. Maggie appears inside the back of the car with no knowledge of the High School Universe but all her real memories intact. The others explain that they are inside a Coyote world but are hesitant to mention that Bran and Ollie were there. Eventually, Sam tells her that Bran and Ollie were also on the bus that he and Stan both admit to blowing up. Gabe is driving the car and refuses to stop and let Maggie out. Eventually, Maggie agrees to go with them to Sam's house which is where Coyote wants them to go. When they arrive they see Bran and Ollie sitting on the couch, Maggie agrees to go with the rest of the group together into the house. After calling to Bran several times without him responding, Franko checks to see if they're real and learns that they are just holograms. Coyote appears for his traditional post Coyote world gloat and Maggie asks him if he can bring them back. Coyote just laughs. After reversing Gabe's Guinea-Pig Curse, he sends the entire group back to Sam's Practice where Maggie promptly takes a bottle of whiskey from Sam and proceeds to drink.

Physical Appearance Edit

Maggie has brown eyes and up until "The Limit Does Not Exist" she had light brown hair that she wore long and in loose curls. In an attempt to disguise her appearance she dyed her hair blonde and began wearing make-up, which she had never done before. She does have a fondness for nail varnish, though.

Maggie has a great disdain for skirts or dresses of any kind thinking them completely impractical and, when you are in the hunting lifestyle, a dangerous hindrance. She generally just wears t-shirts, flannel shirts, jeans, and hiking boots. She also has a particular fondness for her denim jacket that Bran gave her endless shit for.

After Bran's death, it's very clear to see that Maggie stopped taking care of herself. She lost a tremendous amount of weight and now has near permanent bags under her eyes. She cut her hair shorter than she used to wear it and it generally hangs lank and straight as opposed to curly. She now wears jackets and hoodies that swamp her (now small) frame because they used to belong to Bran.

Personality Edit

Maggie has always been a very solitary person, preferring her own company over the company of strangers, especially non-hunters. She never liked people at the best of times, even when they were living in Sheffield and living on the RV has exacerbated that making her feel more and more disconnected from the world outside of monsters and demons. She never exactly resented Mal for training her to be a hunter after her mother's death, understanding that there was now an evil in the world she had to be able to protect herself and her family from, and took to the lifestyle very well. She would have given it all up if it meant Bran got to have the normal life he resented being taken from him. She just thought that she had gone too far to ever be able to go back.

Maggie tries to be understanding and but her social-awkwardness and emotional temperament get in the way leading her to blow up in a fury sooner than rationally analyse a situation, especially when she's trying her best to hold the group together and keep everyone as safe as possible. Living in a state of constant worry and unhappiness means she generally comes off as being an uptight killjoy, which upsets her more than she realises and would certainly never mention it to anyone around her.

Maggie has a great difficulty relating to other people and forming close attachments. She has a chronic fear of abandonment withdraws from any relationship where she regards herself as becoming too attached. When she gives her affection and loyalty it is only when she has incontrovertible proof that the other feels for as strongly as she knows she would feel for them. To give that love away to someone who didn't return it would devastate her. Because of this Maggie is incredibly lonely.

Maggie values Bran's life over anything else, placing his happiness and safety over even her own life. Looking after him was more than a job or a duty to her, she regards it as being who she is. After her mother died she became obsessed with the idea of family but especially blood relations. This means that the betrayal and hurt resentment she feels for Mal are crippling her in everyday life.

After Bran's death, Maggie completely shut off her emotions. She was unable to deal with the fact that he had died and, opposed to breaking down, she became completely empty. Desperate for someone to blame, she focussed all her grief and self-loathing on Mal, shooting him in the head the next time she saw him. This only worsened her condition and she is now completely solitary, having become disenchanted in the idea of family.

Equipment & Weaponry Edit

Maggie's favourite weapon of all is her .30/06 Remington Model 798 Rifle, and she used to often just leave the RV for hours at a time to practice with it. This means that she is one of the best with guns on the RV, especially when sniping.

She also has a Hunting Knife that she uses primarily when hunting vampires when she coats the blade in Dead Man's Blood.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Maggie is a very talented tracker and is extremely comfortable in outdoor environments. Due to her slight paranoia she's also constantly on guard making her a very light sleeper and giving her sharp hearing. Maggie is also a very capable sniper.

Relationships Edit

Brandon - Bran and Maggie had a very normal, healthy relationship up until Maggie was thirteen. They often confided in each other and shared many interests meaning they spent quite a lot of time together. Ever since their mother died Mal had given up being a parent to the Hawkes siblings and, trying to fill that gap in Bran's life, Maggie tasked herself with being Bran's protector. She became more and more dedicated to that role as time went on until it had taken her over completely and she started placing her entire life's worth on Bran's welfare. Because of this, anything that happens to Bran she regards as being a personal failure and it eats away at any feelings of self-worth she has left. When Bran started getting the visions Maggie began cracking due to the stain and became almost obsessed with his safety, blowing up at the smallest things, and from the perspective of the others on the RV getting into irrational rages when anything harmed him.

When Bran went missing at the end of Season One, Maggie could barely function for the six months he was missing. Unable to handle being in close contact with anyone for long periods of time, her and Bel split up and Maggie hunted alone, only occasionally keeping in contact with the Sniders. It almost broke Maggie when Bran reappeared, but without his memories. She was completely helpless and frustrated when Bran regained his memories but kept himself distant from her at the beginning of Season Two, unable to understand why Bran was incapable of confiding in her. As Bran continued to withdraw, she was forced to acknowledge that she didn't have the best approach in dealing with him and perhaps didn't know him as well as she thought she did. The conversation she has with Bran in He Ruins People's Lives telling Bran that she'll step back and let him make his own decisions without protest was one of the hardest things Maggie had ever done in her life but she knew it was what Bran needed from her at the time. Maggie completely shatters in The Limit Does Not Exist when Bran tells her that he tried to shoot himself in the head and again when Bran tells her that he thinks he deserves to go to Hell and is completely fine with dying and ending up there. Maggie never sees him again until they find his and Ollie's bodies in Alma's burnt husk. Unable to deal with the fact that she was incapable of saying anything to reassure Bran that he didn't deserve to go to Hell and that they could have been the ones to kill the two accidentally, Maggie doesn't want to live any more. Knowing that she failed Bran, but also remembering Bran telling her that she is not the one to blame for his mental state, she's directing all her hatred, anger, and overwhelming grief onto the one most at fault - Mal.

Ollie - Pre-series, Maggie originally appreciated Ollie greatly as he was the one to get Bran to speak for the first time in two months, where Maggie had failed. She was incredibly grateful to both him and Stan when they were able to encourage him into showing a bit of life again. That gratitude disappeared fairly rapidly when it became clear that Ollie was less concerned than Maggie when it came to Bran's physical welfare, often causing him to come to harm when he and the Sniders were out. That anger was temporarily appeased when Bran disappeared at the end of Season One and Maggie fully got to understand how deeply they cared for her little brother. Hence, they were the only ones she kept in contact with during those six months. She kept that relationship as good as possible for the majority of Season Two, until Demon Ollie hinted to Maggie that Ollie was abusive towards Bran, and that was what resulted in Bran's many injuries over the years, most recently the hiding Bran got from Ollie on the way to Denver in Get In Loser, We're Going Hunting breaking several of Bran's ribs. Maggie completely flipped when she was told this and Bran only barely managed to put her anger towards Ollie on hold by telling her how much Ollie meant to him.

Stan - Maggie's relationship with Stan was very similar to Ollie's up until Poor Life Choices when Maggie finally opened up to someone on the RV and that happened to be Stan. She was able to tell Stan how she felt about her brother and Mal and her mother dying for the first time. Being able to finally articulate to someone how she felt and how much Bran meant to her meant more to her than she realised and it frightened her. After getting a promise from Stan that he would let her know if anything ever happened to Bran again, she closed off all emotional connection to him. Maggie and Stan barely spoke from then on until she broached the subject of Demon!Ollie with him when Bran was off on his own again. She ended up confiding in him how close she was to giving up when she realised she had no-one else to turn to and how far she's gone.

Danii - Maggie hates Danii. She never got past Danii withholding Bran's memories and personality from him during the six months between Season One and Two. She has backed off from her original instinct of getting rid of her when Bran let them know that he cared for her, but the original resentment and mistrust never really went away. Once Bran confided in Maggie how he felt about Danii, that anger only increased, this time at how much Danii has taken advantage of her situation of living inside Bran's head without his permission.

Gabe - Maggie is overall fairly indifferent to Gabe. She appreciates that he's a normal friend for Bran and she always hoped that Gabe would be able to inspire a life outside hunting in Bran, encouraging him to leave the lifestyle. Although personally, she has had very little interactions with Gabe and the ones she has had have not been favourable on either side.

Mary - Maggie has always been a bit infuriated by Mary. Mary's attempts to get her into a dress and to wear make-up have always greatly offended and angered Maggie. As have Mary's comments on her appearance. Maggie tried to bridge the gap between the two in Season Two but quickly gave up the attempt when Mary refused to listen to Maggie when she was trying to explain when something made her uncomfortable or when there was just something Maggie didn't want to do and had flat out told Mary "No". The pictures of Maggie that ended up all over every screen in the world was the last straw from Maggie and Mary's relationship. Mary had been the instigator in one of Maggie's greatest humiliations and that hurt her very deeply, especially when she had tried to do her best to befriend her.

Franko - Maggie has very little opinion of Franko, she appreciates how useful some of his antics can be but some of his other, more dangerous, ones have infuriated her due to how harmful they could have been to the group.

Sam - Maggie has always been wary of having Sam on a hunt with them. In the beginning because he was a civilian, not a hunter, and despite how useful his paramedic skills were he was a sheer liability otherwise due to his complete lack of knowledge in the supernatural. After "Parental Supervision Required" she was wary of him because at any moment his PTSD could be triggered and he could pose a massive risk to any of the RV crew. She appreciates that he stayed to take care of them when their parents wouldn't but otherwise she just doesn't know him.

Elliot - Maggie has always been leery of having Elliot in the crew. As far as she's concerned one of the best things for Elliot would have been to find a hunter family or someone in the know to take care of him and to encourage him to have as normal a life as possible while still having someone he could talk to about his dead family and would understand the supernatural elements. She doesn't think it was right to keep him on the RV considering his age and the dangers involved.

Bel - Maggie had very little to do with Bel. They never developed into being friends in the two months they were travelling alone together and Maggie was constantly infuriated by Bel's inability to understand what is and is not appropriate.

Mal - Maggie completely idolised her father after her mother died. She completely understood his decision to teach his kids how to hunt, believing that the ability to protect the ones she loved would give her a purpose in life. Her belief in him only strengthened when he was able to kill the vampire who murdered Nina and then all the other vampires in the UK. That started to wane when she realised how his decisions were affecting Bran but ignored her doubts, wanting to hold onto her source of stability in a new country where she was completely alone, bar the two other Hawkes. However, when Bran's visions started occurring and it became clear that Mal didn't care as much as the situation warranted and Maggie's feelings of betrayal began to fester. After Bran's death Maggie, desperate for someone other than herself to blame, put all her anger, grief and hatred on the one person who had betrayed her more completely than anyone else. That culminated in Maggie shooting Mal in cold-blood.

Trivia Edit

  • Only Bran is allowed to call her Mags, and even then only when she's in a good mood. Not even a good mood. Ecstatic mood is necessary.
  • And she's never Margaret. Ever.
  • Seriously, she's punched people for less.
  • Despite popular misconception, she's not always angry.
  • One of her favourite things to do is hack MRA sites with Bran.
  • She's a massive fan of the Sherlock Holmes books.
  • She speaks fluent french.
  • To Nina's constant frustration, she's completely tone deaf. Bran thinks this is hilarious.
  • She could have been good at drums. However, while she was still learning Nina payed Bran to find a way to get rid of them. This was when Nina gave up.
  • She's arachnophobic. Something that she's gone to great pains to hide from the other kids on the RV after watching what happens to Ollie with his fear of snakes.
  • Once, she and Bran lost track of time reading Sherlock Holmes in the library. Their parents called the police because the librarian didn't notice they were still there and locked the doors. They didn't notice.
  • Maggie once hid a Furby under Bran's bed when they were kids. Bran tried to burn the house down because of it. She had to rugby tackle him away from siphoning petrol out of the car. Their parents never knew.
  • Maggie once threw a brick at Bran when he annoyed her. He dodged and it broke the bay window at the front of the house. To this day, Maggie still blames Bran because if he hadn't dodged the window would have been fine.
  • Bran used to hide sonic noise devices in the walls because Maggie had such good hearing and their parents couldn't hear it. This is the reason Maggie found the whole "He's in the walls, Bobby!" as funny as she did. Karma at it's finest.
  • Maggie once trailed the garden hose up the outside of the house in through Bran's window to wake him in time for school. She got permission from Mal first. Mostly because she knew Nina would disapprove.