Name Cletus
Place of Birth Unknown
Age Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Date of Death 25/01/06
Species Demon
Occupation Biker

Status Alive
Height 5'7
First Seen S02 E03 - "She Doesn't Even Live Here"
Last Seen S02 E08.5 - "Stop Trying To Make Family Happen"
Actor Kim Coates
Cletus is a member of the biker gang 'The Coons'. He is a minion of Bubba's  and is later possessed by one of Purple Eyes' demons.

It is unknown whether or not the demon is still possessing Cletus or where he is.

Season Two Edit

In "She Doesn't Even Live Here", Cletus is with Bubba in the Coon Shack when Ollie arrives. He encourages Bubba to attack Ollie, and later speaks to Brandon and Stan when they show up to collect Ollie. He explains the situation to the two, not realising that they are friends with Ollie. When they decide to join the fight, Bran breaks a bottle into Cletus' face, rendering him unconcious for the rest of the fight. Bran later steals his bike as they leave.

A fake Cletus appears alongside Bubba in "You Can't Just Ask People Why They're Crazy" as a demon orderly in the Asylum.

Cletus briefly appears in the Coon Shack in "He Ruins Peoples Lives", though he says very little. 

At some point after Ollie, Stan and Bran leave the Coon Shack, Cletus is possessed by a demon, appearing in "On Wednesdays, We Wear Red" at the Coon Shack with Purple eyes and ademon-possessed Ollie. He is caught in the blast that destroyed the Coon Shack.

Cletus does not appear again until the final scene of "Stop Trying To Make Family Happen", where he and Bubba speak to a morgue attendant who says that the body's found in the pit in Alma do not match up with the kids identifications found with the bodies.

Personality Edit

Cletus is a stereotypical hostile biker who does not like outsiders. He is always happy to boast about Bubba and the Coons, often running his mouth of without paying attention to who he's talking to. 

He is shown to be unfriendly towards foreigners, becoming more hostile when he realises that Bran isn't American. 

Cletus is of far below average intelligence, and attempts to compensate for this by using a word-of-the-day calender and dropping the words he learns into conversation, though they are often used in the wrong contexts or mispronounced.