Barry Gunderson
Name Barry Gunderson
Place of Birth Uknown
Age Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Species Human
Occupation Public Defense Attorney

Status Alive
Height 6'4
Family Uknown
First Seen S02 E01 - "Get In, Loser. We're Going Hunting"
Last Seen S02 E05 - "He Ruins Peoples Lives"
Actor Henry Winkler
Barry Gunderson was Sam, Ollie and Stan's defense attorney when they were arrested in "Get In, Loser. We're Going Hunting".

Barry is a sweet soul, who really didn't deserve having to deal with them.

History Edit

Season Two Edit

In "Get In, Loser. We're Going Hunting", Barry is assigned Stan, Ollie and Sam's case when they are arrested in Denver. Barry meets the boys and is immediately overwhelmed by the charges they are facing, and is very confused when Stan tells him to just go get a cup of coffee and not to worry about it. Barry, presumably, still worries about it.

A fake, but no less wonderful, version of Barry appears in "He Ruins Peoples Lives" as the one decent orderly in the Asylum. He seems to be fond of the kids, bringing them tea and cigarettes and not reporting it when Ollie got out of his straight jacket.

Personality Edit

Barry is lovely.